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Identify business opportunities

We help businesses unlock opportunities by submerging ourselves into your world. We identify gaps in the market and together with you, strategies and plan a way forward. 

Developing solutions

We will guide you to achieve your goals through the development of effective and innovative customised solutions for your specific requirements.

Implementing change

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We do this by working alongside you and supporting your marketing efforts to grow your business.

Some of our clients

Who we are

Tenzing is a solutions company, designed to assist businesses in mapping out and implementing solutions to help achieve their optimal business objectives. We are not like other marketing agencies, as we play more of a consulting role becoming part of your team, identifying problems and offering solutions with services from research and strategy through to marketing.

Our Values


To develop fresh ideas and strategies to make your business peak above the rest.


To remain true to your brand and your customers as your business flourishes with newly found invigoration.


To be brave by providing innovative solutions that are suited for your business, ascending you to new heights.

Services we offer

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We do this by working alongside you and supporting your marketing efforts to grow your business.   

We are doing

Business Development

Working closely with you to help identify future growth opportunities for your business and strategies real solutions and plans to help you reach your end destination. 

Communication Strategy

Strategic communication strategies to ensure you always communicate effectively to the right target audience in the right way. 

Communication services

Need help executing your communication strategy? We assist with advertising, digital marketing, web and apps development, video production and event management. 

Market Research & Insights

We provide you with market research and insights to help you find unique opportunities for your business.

Brand Development & Positioning

Tenzing places your brand in the mind of your target market based on the benefits you want them to think of when they see your brand.

Corporate Communications

Need to manage change, increase your Food Safety culture or align employees to new company values or direction? Let us help you structure your communications for maximum employee engagement and adoption.