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Tenzing is a results driven marketing agency, focused on helping our clients reach their peaks. From research to planning, from concept to execution, we will be there to help and guide you each step of the way.


Market Research

Competitor benchmarketing, customer analysis, market response, product comparison, distribution, etc. 

Marketing Strategy

Looking to grow your business? Let us help you develop plans to launch your business/product, grow your brand, drive sales & build customer layalty.

Brand Positioning

We help strengthen brands through brand strategy, positioning, brand architecture, customer alignment, corporate identity design & brand management.

Campaign management

From concept to final execution; we will help you run your marketing campaigns to ensure you reach your goals, save unnecessary expenses & maximize your results. 

Brand Development

As specialists in the food industry, let us help you develop an engaging brand that speaks to your customers. 

Digital Marketing

We will help you structure your digital marketing strategy, website, online advertising, search optimization, copywriting & social media.

Work with a team that understands the terrain your walk on. At Tenzing we submerge ourselves into our client's worlds, we learn all we can, we study the audience, dig deep for market insights and we make recommendations from a position of strength. 


We would love to hear from you, make contact and let's chat about how Tenzing can help reach your company goals and objectives. 

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Tel: 076 595 9340